How to use FRIDGEfit

  • - Simply input UNEXPIRED ingredients you have in the fridge, or around the house into the search bar below
  • - Learn more about any particular recipe by clicking GO TO RECIPE
  • - Discover how to get FRIDGEfit by clicking the ACTIVITY button next to any recipe
  • - Type in your ZIP code on our interactive FRIDGEfit activity map to find additional ingredients at a store near you.

About FRIDGEfit

Suggests recipes from a list of ingredients in your fridge, filters the results by food allergies, gluten-free, and low calorie, and delivers recipe options depending on the ingredients you have available. When you select a recipe, FRIDGEfit presents you with a few selected healthy low calories option from all over the web and exercise options if needed to burn off the calories you consumed. Plus, if you need to take a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up an extra ingredient.Plus an activity map to find these ingredients in a grocery store near you.

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