Nutritional value of cantaloupe and its benefits

Nutritional value of cantaloupe and its benefits

Nutritional value of cantaloupe and its benefits

Before going into The Nutritional value of cantaloupe and its benefits, first and foremost i will go straight to the point and state how much melon calories in cantaloupe melon of medium size and we shall proceed further to explain
the recommended daily required amount of calories, in general, to help you decide if the benefits surpass the calories especially if the calories have little or no effect on your goal to lose weight. If you need to lose weight fast

Now to Nutritional value of cantaloupe and its benefits. Melon calorie contains just about 42 calories. and the number of calories needed in a day for women with a healthy lifestyle is between 1600 and 2000 while that of a man is between 2000 and 3000. although this data may greatly be influenced by other things besides lifestyle. Other things like age, health, size and how much activity a person is.

We can count the nutritional value of cantaloupe and its benefits as being very rich in vitamin C and A. Its nutrient content of vitamin C is about 30%. Since melons are very low in calorie it is an ideal fruit for weight watchers.
Melons also have
0% of sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat which helps keep blood pressure at a healthy and steady level.
Considering the many benefits of it has among which is to help keep your system hydrated and healthy. The vitamin A content of watermelon keeps your vision
clear. Melon is so rich in vitamin c that only a glass cup of blended melon will give you the recommended daily amount of vitamin c.

Benefits of melon

One of the many benefits of melon is regular hydration of the system. That is to say that melons content lots of water which assist in warding off the problem of dehydration in the body. When the body is dehydrated, it may lead to high blood pressure. the blood becomes thick due to lack of fluid and this hinders the flow of blood in the body.

It is advised to regularly take fruits and vegetables as this promotes a healthy heart, lowers the risk of heart diseases and obesity.


Vitamin c is a contributing factor in the prevention of asthma. The high vitamin c content of melon is a source of preventing asthma from developing.
The beta-carotene content of melon just like other yellow and orange fruits help fight against asthma.

Rich in potassium

Melons are generally rich in potassium. potassium is one of the nutrients needed to lower blood pressure and prevent heart-related problems like developing the risk of a heart attack. Melons have about 256 mg of potassium which is very good for controlling blood pressure. Potassium is also known to reduce the formation of kidney stones, protect against loss of muscle mass.


The water content of melon makes it not only good for hydration it also assist in digestion.
Permits adequate bowel movement and prevents constipation. So once again the benefits of melon to diet or losing weight far outweighs the calorie in melon.

Nutritional value of cantaloupe and its benefits from Ioo grams of cantaloupe contains only 42 calories so you can see its no way hazardous to your weight and weight loss program rather it aids in the quick eradication of fat in the body.

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